Meet healthcare assistant Jo

Jo shares how chatting with families following her own experiences of our care is so meaningful.

Meet Jo Kaye, just one of our amazing healthcare assistants supporting families in the place they call home:

“I started working for the charity three years after my dad was cared for by the team.Herriot HOME healthcare assistant in uniform

“The compassion and empathy that we experienced was just phenomenal. It was like being wrapped in a big blanket and cocooned in way that felt safe. I thought, if I could give that back, it would be so nice.

“All of us in the HOME team are so passionate about what we do. I’d like to think we’ve formed many friendships as well as being colleagues.

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“We generally get good feedback on the emotional support we give to families as well as patients. They really appreciate the chance to ask questions and talk through what’s happening.

“If time allows, we can sit and chat with them, which they’re really thankful for.

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“Many family members say having our support means they can be themselves again- be that wife, husband, daughter, brother- they’re not just their relative’s carer.

“It’s amazing to see how we’re reaching people in hard to reach places. The countryside across the district is unbelievable and it’s right on our doorstep. We’re really reaching far and wide.

“It such a lovely job. We have some really special times with the people we look after. It means a lot to us to be able to share memorable moments with our patients.

“I remember one gentleman had 70’s disco music playing when we went to visit and it was so lovely to sing together.

“There are difficult times too, and as a feeling person, I really empathise with what families are going through. I’ve been there and know the challenges, as well as what a difference having the HOME team’s support can make.”

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