Why choose Herriot?

From the people accessing our services, to those who make our care possible, there are many things that make us unique.

The difference our care makes

What matters most

Our team takes time to understand and get to know each person who uses our services, so the care we offer can be built around what is important to that person.

Support for friends and family

Our care extends to support those close to our patients and clients.

We treat people as equals

We encourage people to participate as fully as possible in any decision that affects them and their care.

Choice and respect

We respect the choices people make about the way they live their lives and the care they want to receive.

Our values guide all that we do

Our values help us to maintain the highest quality care and support at all times. Whether you or a loved one is accessing our services, or you are supporting us to continue caring, our values tell you what you can expect from Herriot.

  • We put the people using our services at the heart of everything we do.
  • We are caring and compassionate.
  • We are personal and supportive in our approach.
  • We are responsive.
  • We are driven to do better.
  • We are professional.
  • We work collaboratively.
  • We engage positively.
  • We are fair.
  • We are accountable.
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