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Your fundraising ideas and inspiration

There are loads of ways to get creative and have fun to help raise awareness and funds for Herriot Hospice Homecare. Our friendly fundraising team can give you plenty of tips and advice on setting up an online fundraising page and make the most of your fundraising.


Contact us on: (01609) 777 413 or for more information.


Here are our top 30 ideas - why not try them at home?


- Create family self portraits and share with us on our Facebook page.


- 50 star jumps each - get physical!

Herriot 30 day family challenge (2).png


- Hola! Learn how to count to 10, or more, in a different language.


- Grow tomato plants. squeeze tomato seeds into some soil, put on a window sill and water.


- Make a rainbow for your window. Share them with us on our Facebook page.


- Step challenge - can you do 1000 steps today in the house or garden?


- Write a poem about a family member or pet.


- Grand designs - design your dream room, or house as a collage, or in a box.


- Make home made pizza - design a beautiful topping.


- Create a fabulous card and write a message to our hospice staff. Post them on our Facebook page and we'll show them.


- Clothes swap - dress up in each others clothes for a family catwalk session.


- Makeover time - get busy with make up and hair products and give your family a whole new look!


- Find a family song - and learn to lip synch it. Film it to share. 


- Scavenger hunt round the house or garden - one person makes a list of what to  find and set a time limit.


- Dance off - bust your best moves in front of your family - scores out of 10 for enthusiasm and skill.


- Interview each other and find out something new about your family members.


- Family cook-off - each person takes it in turns to cook a dish throughout the day.


- Make a den - inside or in the garden - so everyone can have a quiet space.


- Create an i-spy list and go for a walk eg yellow flower, cat, orange car.


- Design your dream family holiday - where will you go? What will you do? What will you eat?


- Write a fun quiz and share it online with your friends and extended family. It could have a theme or be general knowledge.


- How many different words can you make out of the letters of Herriot Hospice Homecare?


- Start a family diary - how are you all feeling? What are you all doing? 


- Make a sculpture out of single use plastics and 'junk' (you can recycle them afterwards).


- Draw your family tree and illustrate it.


- Do some chalk pavement art outside your front door to make other people smile.


- Design a board game and test it out.


- Have a star gazing night. Go into your garden or look from your window. There are apps to help you identify planets.


- Create your own workout video!


- Ring, message or video call three people you haven't spoken to for a while to see how they are.

Article Posted 7th May 2020

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