“We need regular donations from the local community” – new Trustee and regular giver Dr Nick Palmerley

Dr Nick Palmerley, from Northallerton, joined our registered charity as a Trustee this autumn, and is already getting thoroughly involved across our family of services, including as a Herriot Hospice Homecare volunteer and regular giver.

On becoming a Trustee, Nick said: “I decided I wanted to do some voluntary work and thought how about Herriot Hospice Homecare? I knew the organisation well from being a GP in Northallerton for 16 years and having taken a special interest in palliative care. I would refer people to Herriot Hospice and they found the HOME care so useful. Often, relatives of someone living with a terminal illness don’t know what’s going on and have so many questions about what to expect, and Herriot Hospice cares for them as well as the patient. Having not been involved in the charity sector before, I didn’t really know what a Trustee was, but it’s a perfect fit for me because of my interests and background. There’s lots of new things for me to learn in this role – like how everything is structured and how it works, and I’m finding the more I learn, the more there is to learn!  I’ve been really impressed with how well-run and professional North Yorkshire Hospice Care and its family of services is, and I’m enjoying visiting departments to find out about each area. I’m doing what I can to raise awareness of how to support the charity – from fundraising, to getting involved by volunteering.”

On volunteering with the Wellbeing Network, Nick said: “It’s been brilliant volunteering with the Wellbeing Network! I volunteer at the weekly drop-ins, which are a safe space for anyone affected by terminal illness, bereavement or emotional wellbeing, to come and talk about whatever they may need to. My role is quite simple – to be friendly and approachable, and a listening ear. Generally speaking, our society isn’t good at speaking about death, but here, we’re happy to talk about things others may shy away from. Everyone understands each other and when people talk, they can genuinely say ‘I know how you feel’. There’s no pressure to talk deeply, or indeed to speak at all: you can just be yourself. If you’re unsure about whether a group drop-in is for you, I’d suggest you try it – it may be more useful than you imagine.”

On the Lambert, Nick said: “I am hugely excited about Herriot Hospice@The Lambert – having six inpatient hospice beds in the Hambleton and Richmondshire districts is going to be a gamechanger for local communities. When I was a GP, people with a terminal illness would sometimes express a preference for hospice care in their final days, but it would be so hard to find a bed for them, and if I did, it could often mean 60-mile round trips for relatives at an already stressful and emotional time.

For anyone thinking about joining the incredible team of staff and volunteers which will power Herriot Hospice@The Lambert, do apply – working in palliative care is hugely rewarding: hospices are places of hope.”

On regular giving, Nick said: “Please consider being a regular donor! Fundraising is really important, and regular giving means the charity knows how much is coming in each month – just like it’s useful to be able to budget and plan ahead at home. We need regular donations from the local community to run Herriot Hospice@The Lambert and our existing and expanding range of services.”

To find out more about making a regular gift to Herriot Hospice@The Lambert, click here.

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