Case study consent

Consent form for adults involved in filming, photographs and media interviews for Herriot

Herriot Hospice Homecare continually promotes our patient and client care and support, as well as fundraising efforts of those in our community. We therefore regularly need interviews/ footage/images to use in promotional material and in the media.

This consent form is evidence that anyone taking part in such activity has given their informed consent.

Consent may be withdrawn for any images, voice recordings for which Herriot Hospice Homecare owns copyright. More often than not, consent will be requested for a specific purpose. However, should Herriot use it again, this will be time limited to a five year period.

Consent cannot be withdrawn for material held by a third party and once a person consents to the use of their image or voice, participants may not be able to view the finished film/article/interview before it is broadcast/printed.

Please complete the form below.

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