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Caring Catterick's swap shop boost for Herriot

Community spirit is strong in Catterick – during the first lockdown, 9-year-old Emily Pierson and her mum Gillian decided to offer some toys and books in the village bus stop, with charity donations welcomed.

The idea grew and grew, and now a vast array of pre-loved goodies are on offer daily. The bus stop has become a much-loved community shop and hub. Villagers take it in turns to choose a charity to support with the proceeds each month and we are thrilled that Herriot Hospice Homecare has been chosen for July.

Gillian said: “When our Dad was terminal, we got him home from hospital to the house he built with our Mum so he could be more settled.

“The team from Herriot visited and helped with his care. They were something to look forward to and it gave my mum a break so she could go and get a shower or chat to them.

“The ladies that looked after my Dad brought Emily a homemade blanket/quilt that they said she could snuggle up with Grandad with. They were fantastic, none-intrusive, friendly, professional, and a very welcome interruption to some long days.

“When Dad was up to it he gave them some cheek - and we could hear them laughing which was a big boost because my Dad did like a laugh!

“There’s not only been my Dad from this village that have been cared for by Herriot, plenty of other fine people have too. So….perhaps selfishly…..perhaps because we want to do Dad proud….perhaps because any one of us could need this lifeline unexpectedly and because they are so worthy, Herriot Homecare is our next recipient.”

We are very grateful to everyone in Catterick for their generosity and kindness.

Blog Posted 19th July 2021

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