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Hover over the image to see the tree then hover over a green leaf to view the memory of that person. Click above if you would like to add your own memory of a loved one.

The Memory Tree

Mike Wright1945-2015

Gone from our home but not from our hearts - miss you forever

Trevor Pepper1945-2008

Miss you so much, as all our family do, remember 'tears in heaven' & you dancing with a young Han to show songs, which is why 'Castle in the Cloud' was played, love you & miss you forever x

Alan Fishburn1958-2009

A wonderful memory dearer than gold, of a father and partner whose worth can never be told. There is a place in our hearts no one can fill, we miss you Alan and always will xxx

David Blair Jones1952-2012

My beloved husband David, our treasured memories and love will always be in my heart

Eileen May Martin1916-2016

You are an amazing role model. Thank you